My music doesn't appear in Cesium at all!


Beginning in iOS 10, apps now need permission to access the user Media Library. Sometimes this access can be prevented through Restrictions. Go to iOS Settings > Privacy > Media & Apple Music and make sure that Cesium is enabled. You may need to launch Cs to trigger the prompt for permission.


Songs aren't playing... or Cesium seems slow and/or crashes a lot...


This could be a couple things. First, have you deleted Unfortunately, at the moment certain Apple Music/iTunes Match functions are dependent on the stock music app. It needs to be installed for Cesium to operate correctly.

Sometimes the iTunes Library can corrupt (usually following an iOS update). If this is the case you should experience similar behaviour with the stock app. Usually, a fresh sync of your music will fix the problem.


Cesium keeps playing the wrong tracks!


Cesium uses it's own algorithm for shuffling tracks. If another program in the chain is set to shuffle, it can actually "re-shuffle" the Cesium queue and cause strange behaviour. Make sure shuffle is set to off in the stock music app, car audio program, etc.


The music doesn't stop playing when I quit Cesium!


Nope, it doesn't, and that's a good thing! Cesium actually uses iOS to manage playback, to make sure that even if Cs is suspended in the background the tunes keep playing. Unfortunately, there is no consistently reliable way to ensure that a block of code is called whenever an app is terminated, so there's no way to guarantee that playback would always be stopped when quitting Cesium. Instead I've opted for the consistently reliable behaviour, which is to allow playback to continue.


Cesium is crashing!


Is Cesium crashing under a specific and repeatable set of conditions? Congratulations, you found a bug! Please drop me a line and I'll correct it as soon as possible.

If you are experiencing repeated crashes, sometimes a fresh reinstall will resolve things. If that doesn't work, get in touch and I'll do my best to help you out.


The troubleshooting page doesn't have my problem on it!


It's always a good idea to try reinstalling Cesium first. If a clean install didn't solve the problem it could be a issue or corruption of the iTunes library database itself. Resenting or replacing the music on your device may help.

I take consumer satisfaction very seriously. If you are having an issue with Cesium I would love an opportunity to correct it. Please send me an email detailing the problem and I will respond as quickly as possible.