Introducing Ticked

I live in lists. It's how I organize and process my life. Groceries, pharmacy, gifts, Cs version changes, work revisions, tasks. But my tools are very simple. For a while? Textedit. No joke. I'd tried task management apps (Things, ToDo, Clear and more) but I could never stick with one. They were just too much. I didn't need an app to run my life; I just wanted to keep track of stuff. And those cluttered UIs filled with unused features stressed me out. Eventually, my wife and I moved to really small, niche apps. Deep into the search results. We used a few different ones, but each eventually was abandoned or came with it's own special annoyance.

I wanted a simple app. One that only had to do a handful of very basic – but very specific – things.

It seemed like what I was looking for had to be out there. List apps were, like, the most popular "Learn to Code" tutorial, by far. Surely, somebody had to have put something up in the store that fit the bill. What I wanted had to:

  1. Allow me to create items as quickly as I could type.
  2. Provide a one-touch method for removing all the completed items from a list.
  3. Ensure lists synced across my devices, and could be easily shared and collaborated on with my wife.

And ultimately, I decided to just make it instead.

Ticked is stuff done simple. Make lists, and share'em (securely, using iCloud). Fill lists with entries (as quickly as you can type), then check those entries off as you kick ass at life. If you really want to get crazy, give an entry a date and turn it into a task (alerts and repeating, too, you keener). View all your tasks at once and come face to face with procrastination (it's the first step to healing).

(Obviously, it borrows a lot of DNA from Cesium...)

I'm pleased to announce that after much longer than it should've taken and enough rewrites to be shameful, I'm ready to open Ticked up to public beta and learn all the ways I built it wrong. If you are interested in joining the TestFlight, please visit Sharing lists is free for beta testers during testing (so feel free to add your loved ones!), and I will provide each tester with a code for free sharing once the app goes live.

I hope you enjoy it.